Yard Waste Sites reopened with two new locations for drop-off


    yard waste recycling

    The City of Lethbridge Yard Waste Sites open today for the season, and this year city residents will have handy new options for dropping off materials from their spring yard clean-up.

    The number of Yard Waste Sites will expand this year to three from two. In addition to a new Yard Waste Site now open at the North Side Recycling Station and the existing site at the Bridge Drive West Recycling Station, a third site will be part of a new South Side Recycling Station due to open in June 2016. The Central Yard Waste Site formerly located on 3 Avenue North is closed permanently. Yard Waste Site locations are as follows:

    • Bridge Drive West Recycling Station (at the junction of Bridge Dr. and University Dr. W. – enter from Bridge Drive)
    • NEW: North Side Recycling Station (at the junction of Stafford Dr. N. and Scenic Dr. N)
    • COMING SOON: South Side Recycling Station (open in June 2016, located on 28 Ave. S. adjacent to the Lethbridge Soccer Complex)
    • CLOSED: Central Yard Waste Site (moved to North Side Recycling Station)

    Yard Waste Sites offer residents of Lethbridge a convenient and environmentally responsible option for managing household grass clippings, leaves, branches up to 8 inches in diameter, and garden waste. The sites are open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. including holidays and are available for use by Lethbridge residents free of charge. Bagging yard waste helps contain the materials. Paper yard waste bags do not have to be de-bagged, but all materials in plastic bags must be emptied out on-site by the user.

    In 2015, more than 30,000 customer visits were made to the sites, diverting nearly 1 million kg of organic materials from the landfill. Branches are chipped on-site and green waste is taken to the Waste and Recycling Centre to be composted. The nutrient-rich compost and mulch created from residential yard waste has been used in local parks for bedding and landscaping material.

    Yard waste may also be taken to the Waste & Recycling Centre year-round for composting, with no disposal fees charged to city residents on Saturdays. Residents may also choose to manage yard waste at home through grass-cycling or backyard composting. For more information on yard waste and other waste services offered by the City of Lethbridge, call 403-329-7367 or visit www.lethbridge.ca/wrs.


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