Residents asked to help street sweeping efforts by moving vehicles off street when requested


    street sweeping

    Annual neighbourhood street sweeping will begin April 11, and the City of Lethbridge is stepping up efforts to clean streets as thoroughly as possible.

    Sweeping crews rely on residents to move their vehicles off of streets scheduled for cleaning. Neighbourhood residents will be advised in advance when we’ll be sweeping in their area and will be asked to park elsewhere. Unfortunately, in the past, portions of many streets have remained unswept because sweepers had to go around dozens of vehicles that had not been moved.

    “We have the authority to tow these vehicles, but that’s something we’ve been reluctant to do in the past. This year, we’re doing more to provide advance notice to residents, and we’re advising them that we may tow vehicles that haven’t been moved off the street,” says Lee Perkins, Transportation Operations Manager for the City of Lethbridge.

    “Towing vehicles is a last resort for us, and it’s something we would rather not do, so we’re appealing to residents to cooperate by moving their vehicles when it’s time for us to sweep their streets. By doing this, they will help us do the best job possible to help our community look its best,” says Perkins.

    Neighbourhood residents will receive two advance reminders. The first will arrive about a week before sweepers arrive in the form of a door hanger at their home. The second will come the day prior to sweeping, when sandwich-board signs will be posted in each neighbourhood, and reminder cards will be placed on the windshields of vehicles parked on the street.

    Vehicles will be towed when necessary and returned to the same block afterward. Unregistered vehicles will be tagged for removal within 72 hours. Southside neighbourhoods will be swept first, followed by north and then west Lethbridge neighbourhoods.

    Street sweeping helps prevent sanding materials and other potential pollutants from getting washed into the Oldman River via the storm sewer system. It also reduces dust and makes our streets safer for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists. More information about street sweeping can be found at:


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