Pride Fest’s signature rainbow to hit the streets of Lethbridge


    PrideFest Painting Map

    The colours of the rainbow will lead residents and visitors to this year’s Lethbridge Pride Fest after City Council gave organizers the go ahead to paint crosswalks in celebration of the event.

    Rainbow stripes, which represent the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community, will be painted on crosswalks at four different locations around Galt Gardens. Funds from Pride Fest’s Heart of the City grant will cover the cost of the paint and City of Lethbridge crews will complete the work.

    “This is an excellent way to recognize Pride Fest in our city,” says Mayor Chris Spearman “As we see this event grow each year we know it’s something that is embraced and celebrated by our community.”

    Pride Fest will be held from June 17-25, 2016. Before the event, the colourful crosswalks will be painted at: 3 Ave. and 7 St., two crosswalks on 3 Ave. and 6 St., and 2 Ave. and 5 St. (map attached).

    Rainbow crosswalks have previously been painted in Calgary and Edmonton. The special paint used for this purpose is temporary and biodegradable, washing off in approximately one month.

    Council also requested that administration explore the cost and feasibility of painting a permanent rainbow crosswalk by Galt Gardens in 2017. 

    “It is a simple action, with a lot of impact that shows we celebrate our diversity and that we are working towards greater inclusion in our city,” says Councillor Jeffery Coffman.

    Lethbridge Pride Fest is an annual event hosting various activities throughout the city and culminating in a large celebration at Galt Gardens.


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