Scotiabank helps build stronger Southern Alberta families



    Scotiabank is making a huge difference in the lives of Southern Albertans with a substantial donation to Lethbridge Family Services.

    Lethbridge Family Services (LFS) announced its first ever donation at the grandparent level to the agency. The $30,000 donation from Scotiabank will help individuals with developmental disabilities improve or maintain their mobility while also providing support to Syrian refugees for much needed dental care. 

    “Scotiabank is thrilled to announce a unique and important partnership with Lethbridge Family Services. Through a corporate donation and our Scotiabank in the Community initiative, we will be making two sizeable donations to Lethbridge Family Services,” says Russel Jensen, Branch Manager with Scotiabank. “We are excited to become the first grandparent donor to the agency and help address the needs of the disabled as well as the placement process of Syrian refugees in our community.”

    The money will be used for the walking track expansion that has just been completed at LFS in the DaCapo program. This track helps individuals that have mobility issues, including being confined to a wheelchair, greater access to physical exercise and more program opportunities. It provides them with the ability to walk on their own.

    The donation will also provide a fund where the Immigrant Services program can access monies to purchase necessary and emergency dental work for refugees that need a dentist to help them improve their ability to eat and nourish themselves.

    “Corporate donations, like this amazing investment that Scotiabank is making to our agency, are key in helping local individuals and families receive the extra support they need,” says Melody Garner, LFS Director Advancement & Community Relations. “We are so grateful to have Scotiabank as a partner for the agency and look forward to continuing to support the most vulnerable populations by providing even more opportunities for them because of this donation.”

    Every year, donations from private funders and corporate partners are needed to help LFS meet the needs of the most vulnerable populations. These donated funds are used to help provide wrap around supports, new programs, upgraded equipment, new technology, and capital improvements. Without private and corporate donations, the support that LFS provides to the most vulnerable populations would be very difficult to conduct as the agency would not have all of the resources required to help Southern Albertans.


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