What’s popular on Lethbridgeliving.com this week: January 24–30



Here’s what’s popular on www.Lethbridgeliving.com this week:

  • The question of whether or not Lethbridge needs a third bridge has been discussed at great length on and off for over a century—every time an incident occurs on one bridge or the other, the debate is reignited. What do you think? In our January/February issue we ask, “Does Lethbridge need a third bridge, and where should it be located?” Log in, tell us what you think, and we’ll post the results along with your comments in our March/April issue.

  • The Council of Lethbridge Neighbourhoods was established to help form and support local neighbourhood associations so that those associations can then implement strong community development in the neighbourhoods they represent. With a neighbourhood association, residents can find new and exciting ways to interact and engage with their neighbours, address community-centered issues, and create a more inclusive and welcoming place to live. Click here to find out how you can make your neighbourhood better in every way.
  • Whoop-Up Drive is one of our city’s most-widely used thoroughfares, and to ensure traffic flows through it with ease at all times, the City of Lethbridge has unveiled a Whoop-Up Drive emergency traffic management plan to maximize traffic flows in the event of an accident or evacuation. The plan will allow emergency crews to safely and effectively direct the flow of traffic by manipulating east and west bound lane direction with the use of crossovers.


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