Wheels in motion for new City cycling plan



    Making bike travel easier will be the goal of the City of Lethbridge’s new Cycling Master Plan. The initiative, which will examine how to create a cycling friendly community, kicked-off today with the introduction of a resident phone survey beginning January 18. This will be the first of many ways the public can provide feedback and help shape the future of cycling in Lethbridge. 

    “To me, biking just makes sense,” says Councillor Blaine Hyggen who helped launch the project today at City Hall. “I love biking because it’s an environmentally friendly, cost effective, and physically active way to get around. The idea of creating safer, more convenient ways of cycling in Lethbridge is an exciting, forward-thinking initiative for our city.”

    A cross-section of approximately 400 people will be surveyed over the next three weeks. Survey questions will help identify who is biking today and who might use new facilities and connections if available. All residents contacted are encouraged to provide feedback in order to collect strong data that reflects the needs and wishes of the community.

    The Cycling Master Plan will build upon work already gathered through the City of Lethbridge Bikeways and Pathways Master Plan, expanding it to dig deeper into the specific cycling needs. 

    “The critically important piece to this planning process is public feedback,” says Project Manager Adam St. Amant. “We need to understand what people see as barriers, what information, education, and support they need to become cyclists and what’s needed in the future. What will future generations need? With this information we can build a plan that will truly make cycling a viable option for getting around Lethbridge.”

    The existing cycling network in Lethbridge consists of a number of multi-use pathways and on-street bike lanes on 13 St. N between 9 Ave. N and 26 Ave. N.  Developing more active ways to travel within the city and reducing the use of single vehicle transportation is identified within the City of Lethbridge’s strategic plans.

    “With the Cycling Master Plan, we have the opportunity to create something Lethbridge can be proud of, something that will attract people to our community and make us a more active and environmentally friendly city,” says Hyggen. “That’s good for our residents and good for Lethbridge.”

    For more information on this project visit: www.lethbridge.ca/cyclingplan


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