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    Written by Paul Krajewski (@PaulKrajewski)

    With the help of the Council of Lethbridge Neighbourhoods, a group established to support the growth and sustainability of local neighbourhood associations, community leaders and engaged citizens are helping transform their neighbourhoods into vibrant, healthy, and inclusive communities. Through these associations, residents are able to communicate, connect, and engage with their neighbours, address community needs, and host community-centred events, programs, and services—all in an effort to turn a neighbourhood of strangers into a community of neighbours.

    figure 02Are you interested in making your community better in every? Would you like to join or start a neighbourhood association in your community? To get you connected with the movers and shakers in our city, we’ve compiled for you a list of emerging and established neighbourhood associations, along with contact information for the council, so that you can connect with the people helping make our city a better one neighbourhood at a time.   



    Council of Lethbridge Neighbourhoods

    Email [email protected]

    Phone 403-327-1700

    Website yqlneighbourhoods.ca

    Facebook facebook.com/yqlneighbourhoods

    Twitter twitter.com/yqlneighbours

    Copperwood Circle Neighbourhood Association (Established)

    Fleetwood Neighbourhood (Emerging)

    Garry Station Neighbourhood Association (Established)

    Glendale/Dieppe Neighbourhood (Emerging)

    Indian Battle Heights Neighbourhood (Emerging)

    Legacy Ridge/Hardieville Neighbourhood (Emerging)

    London Road Neighbourhood Association (Established)

    Mountain Heights Neighbourhood (Emerging)

    Senator Buchanan Neighbourhood Association (Established)

    Sunridge Neighbourhood (Emerging)

    Tudor Estates Neighbourhood Association (Established)

    Uplands Neighbourhood (Emerging)

    Varsity Village Neighbourhood (Emerging)

    Victoria Park Neighbourhood – 7AveS (Emerging)

    Westminster Neighbourhood Association (Established)

    Westminster Village Committee – Westminster/Majestic Place (Established)

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    Read more on the Council of Lethbridge Neighbourhoods in our January/February issue!


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